lake merritt

Speaking of lakes …

Just found an apartment. Right off Lake Merritt, close to a newly thriving Oakland neighborhood, Uptown.

Checked out the the area last night. Saw the latest Harry Potter movie with friends at the Grand Lake Theater, a beautiful art deco-style cinema built in 1926, where an organist plays before shows on Fridays and Saturdays until the curtain goes up. Had drinks and small plates at Sidebar, a relatively new place on Grand Ave. The atmosphere was lively, the food so-so. They have a nice copper bar, which sure is shinypretty.

Here’s a few things I found out about Lake Merritt while digging on the InterWeb:

  • It’s a saltwater lake and was originally a tidal estuary, connected to the Bay until a dam was built (what is now the 12th Street bridge)
  • It was the nation’s first official wildlife refuge, designated in 1870
  • The “Necklace of Lights” that rings the lake consists of 126 lampposts strung together by strands of bulbs that number 3,400
  • The lake’s fountains aren’t just decorative – they help aerate the water preventing algae blooms

Oh, and runners like myself will be interested to know that it’s 3.1 miles around the lake if you take the footpaths, 2.7 if you’re feeling sluggish and stay on the sidewalk.


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