facebook birthday

I’m old. There’s no getting around it.fb_logo

I turned 47 today. As you can imagine, I’ve had many birthday experiences before, but I’ve never had the onslaught of a social network birthday. I received more birthday wishes through facebook from people around the country than I ever have in my life. Somehow, they all picked up on the fact that my profile says my birthday is July 23rd.

Interestingly, I’ve been on facebook longer than a year. So I had a facebook-era birthday last year. It’s a sign of the growing popularity of facebook, at least among people who are close to my age, that there would be such a huge difference in the number of nods to my birthday this year.

This is probably an indication that facebook is already in its decline, that it will soon be transplanted by some other social media site, founded by kids and used – at first – by kids. Until we forty-somethings co-opt it.



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2 responses to “facebook birthday

  1. A.

    Happy belated birthday!

    Your last line reminded me of a letter I recently saw in an advice column. This particular person was responding to another note from an older person who was uncomfortable with the number of people from high school who wanted to add her, although she had not been close to any of them. The person responding stated that she was 23 and that sites like Facebook are for people her age and younger, and that older people (i.e. anyone over 30) shouldn’t be on them because “they don’t get it.”

    All I could think was that it will be interesting to see how she feels in seven years when she’s “too old to be on the internet.”

    • ohnopauloh

      Thanks for the birthday wishes!

      Interesting point you make. Given that facebook was originally intended for students IN college, we – including the 23 year old – may actually all be too old to “get it.” But, shhh, don’t tell her that. Let her figure it out for herself in seven years …

      I peeked at your blog … it’s very attractive!

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